10.7.0 - Namalsk

Added the new DayZ Standalone Namalsk map

The path of the old mod Namalsk map has been changed to `namalskMod`


10.6.1 - New Community

Added new Communities


10.6.0 - Shapes

Prepare the web version to display shapes


10.5.0 - DayZ 1.10 and DeerIsle 4.2b

Update Chernarus Map & Lootmap for DayZ 1.10

Update Livonia Map & Lootmap for DayZ 1.10

Update DeerIsle Map an Lootmap to version 4.2b

New Loot Types (Chernarus & Livonia): MS3, Car Wrecks

New Loot Types (DeerIsle): Crate, Ambulance, Foodtruck, Skeleton


10.4.0 - Filter Updates

Loot Dropdown has now been renamed to Filter

Group Visibility can now be controlled in the Filter Dropdown


10.3.1 - Community Updates

Add new communities


10.3.0 - Livonia Hiking Trails

Update Livonia Satellite Map with Hiking Trails

Show Player Positions in Serverlogs


10.2.0 - Wiki & Loot Update

Add new Points of Interest: Tower Crane and PA System

Update Wiki with Items for DayZ 1.09


10.1.0 - Update for DayZ 1.09

Update Chernarus+ for DayZ 1.09

Update Livonia for DayZ 1.09

Added 'Military Freight Containers' to Lootmap

Marked Water Bodies on Maps


10.0.0 - Live Markers

Markers are now updated in realtime via WebSockets

New Community: Lucky Looters


9.17.0 - New Communities

New Community: NGG Community


9.16.0 - New Communities

New Community: Lost Souls

New Community: ZNATION


9.15.0 - API Update

Change to new API Implementation (experimental)


9.14.0 - Dark Mode & Community Update

iZurvive now supports Dark Mode

Each community now also displays the platform they are playing on

Communities Page Layout has been updated

New Community: Darkzone


9.13.0 - Update for DayZ 1.08

Update Chernarus+ for DayZ 1.08

Update Livonia for DayZ 1.08

Extend Locations for Chernarus


9.12.0 - Remember Marker Settings

When you post a marker, iZurvive now remembers the type and group and will pre-select them for the next marker you post


9.11.0 - DeerIsle Update

Update Workshop Map DeerIsle to V3.43


9.10.0 - Chiemsee Update

Update Workshop Map Chiemsee to Version 2.0


6.9.3 - Share Group Deeplinks

Update format for Share Group Links for compatibility with iOS & Android Apps


6.9.2 - Serverlogs for DayZ 1.07

Improve server logs tool to accept incomplete logs from 1.07 servers


6.9.1 - Fix Distance Measurement on Livonia

The Distance Measurement Tool on Livonia is now measuring the correct distance again instead of double the distance


6.9.0 - Amusement Parks & Castles

New Loot type for Amusement Parks

New Loot type for Castles

New Community: DayZ Humanitarian Project


6.8.0 - DayZ 1.07

Map Updates for DayZ 1.07

Update Livonia Satellite and Topographic Maps

New Livonia Hiking Map


6.7.1 - New Community

New Community: T.D.Z.E

Removed inactive communities


6.7.0 - Copy Coordinate

Use STRG+C (on Windows) or ⌃+C (on Mac) to copy the coordinate at the mouse cursor to the clipboard


6.6.2 - Wiki Update

Update Wiki for DayZ 1.06


6.6.1 - New Community

New Community: Red Dawn


6.6.0 - More Serverlogs

Enable Serverlogs Feature for additional Maps: Livonia, Deer Isle, Chiemsee, Chernarus Mod, Namalsk, Origins, Taviana, Tanoa, Altis, Stratis, Abramia


6.5.0 - Livonia

New DayZ Map - Livonia

Chernarus Map Update for DayZ 1.06


6.4.0 - Chiemsee

New DayZ Workshop Map: Chiemsee


6.3.0 - Livonia Experimental

Add new DayZ Map Livonia for current Experimental Branch


6.2.0 - Deer Isle Update

Deer Isle Update for Z3.2 alpha


6.1.0 - Server Log Improvements

Fall Damage is now a separate category

Destriction of Base Objects (Fence, Watchtower) is now displayed


6.0.0 - Server Log Reader

Use the new Server Log Reader to display Log Events on the map

Showing and Hiding Events by Type and selecting a time range help you to audit whats going on on your server

New Community: Team AMF

New Community: The Apocalypse of Enoch


5.25.0 - Map & Wiki Update for DayZ 1.05

Map Update for DayZ 1.05

Wiki Update for DayZ 1.05

New Loot Type: Camps (Rural)


5.24.4 - New Community

New Community: DayZ Commonwealth


5.24.3 - New Community

New Community: Zero Day Roleplay


5.24.2 - New Community

New Community: Strike Force Z


5.24.1 - Gunter 2

Added Gunter 2 Spawns

New Community: The Network*


5.24.0 - New Map: Deer Isle

New Map added: Deer Isle


5.23.0 - Update for DayZ 1.04

Lootmap update for DayZ 1.04

Wiki update for DayZ 1.04


5.22.2 - Community Update

Community Information for DayZ Community Hub has been updated


5.22.1 - Community Update

Community Information for DayZ Community Hub has been updated


5.22.0 - Hiking Map Update

The Hiking map has been updated


5.21.0 - New Location Links and Community Updates

New Location-Link Feature: By appending #location=x;y;zoomlevel to the url, you can go directly to a specific location that is also marked with a non-persistent marker. x and y coordinates correspond with the coordinates from the overlay.

New Community: Australian Defence Force

New Community: DayZ Xbox Community Hub

Removed links to inactive communities


5.20.3 - Update for DayZ 1.02

Lootmap update for DayZ 1.02

New Vehicle: Olga 24

Wiki update for DayZ 1.02


5.20.2 - Update for DayZ 1.01

Lootmap update for DayZ 1.01

Wiki update for DayZ 1.01


5.20.1 - Fix storing of lootfilter state

The loot filter state should now be stored and loaded properly


5.20.0 - Happy DayZ 1.0 Release

Update Map Names

Remove 0.62 Maps


5.19.0 - Prepare for DayZ 1.0

Items in the wiki have been renamed to how they are actually named in the game

E.g. the AK-M is dipslayed in the game as KA-M for copyright reasons, so the wiki now also shows KA-M

For the same reason, the Offroad Hatchback is now called ADA 4x4 in the Lootfilter

Vehicles that currently do not spawn have been removed from the lootmap

New Loottypes: School

New Lootcategory: Coast


5.18.0 - Wiki Update

The wiki has been updated

Items that were previously in the game but are currently not have been removed

Items that were missing in the wiki have been added

Each item now has information about in which loot categories the item can spawn

Each item now has a link that shows the map with the loot filter configured to show all locations where the item can spawn

Group Invite Link now contains the current map


5.17.0 - Update Lootmap

Lootmap has been updated with new water pump locations


5.16.1 - Fix Join-Group Links

Join-Group Links that you can share to join a specific group now work again


5.16.0 - Search Improvements & Bugfixes

Its now possible to search for locations by x/y coordinates

It is now possible to use the location search via hotkeys (STRG+F to activate search, ENTER to select to jump to the first search result)

Fixed some inconsistencies with the location search

Fixed a bug that caused blurry loot icons when zooming in


5.15.0 - Basebuilding

Base Building Material (Planks) added to the Lootmap


5.14.0 - DayZ Beta

Map Updates for DayZ Beta


5.13.1 - Build Improvements

Under-the-hood improvements in our build process


5.13.0 - Location Name Overlays

We have changed the location name overlays to be drawn dynamically into the map rather than being drawn into the tiles. This means, the names are now always above loot icons, and you can now toggle the visibility for location names in the loot filter

A small missing piece (rail bridge between Svetlojarsk and Turovo) in the railsroad has been fixed

Lootmap now has missing barracks

Lootmap now has watch towers again


5.12.3 - Coordinate Overlay and Distance Measurement

We have tweaked the calculation of the coordinate overlay again, and now it really displays the exact in-game position at the mouse cursor. With release of the server files, this is now useful for server admins and modders to get find in game coordinates at certain points in the map

The distance measurement tool has been updated accordingly and is now displaying the distance in meters very precisely


5.12.2 - Map Improvements and Community Updates

We have updated the stying of the maps according to your feedback. Especially the topographic map is now much cleaner

New community added: Welcome Rogue Gaming Network

Removed links to inactive communities


5.12.1 - Coordinate Fixes

Distance Measurement Tool has been fixed (was off by a factor of 2 because we added an additional zoom level to the map)

Coordinate Overlay has been changed to match the internal coordinate system


5.12.0 - DayZ 0.63 Experimental Maps

Maps updated for DayZ 0.63 Experimental (0.63.148605)

The Topographic map returns!


5.11.0 - DayZ 0.63 Experimental Maps

Maps for DayZ 0.63 Experimental Branch have been added

Game Version of Map is now displayed in the footer


5.10.0 - DayZ Mod Vehicles Update

The DayZ Mod Vehicle Spawn Map has been updated (Thanks Ski Goggles for the help)


5.10.0 - New Arma 3 Maps

New Arma 3 Map: Dingor

New Arma 3 Map: Esseker

New Arma 3 Map: Fallujah

New Arma 3 Map: Kunduz

New Arma 3 Map: Lingor

New Arma 3 Map: Lythium

New Arma 3 Map: Malden

New Arma 3 Map: Porto

New Arma 3 Map: Sahrani

New Arma 3 Map: Takistan

New Arma 3 Map: Takistan Mountains

New Arma 3 Map: Taunus


5.9.2 - New Communities

Welcome our new Partner Community: Last Day РОЛЕВОЙ СЕРВЕР.

Welcome our new Partner Community: DayZVideos.com


5.9.1 - New Community

Welcome our new Partner Community: HIHB Gaming.

Removed Partner Community DayZ Intel because they are not active anymore.


5.9.0 - Map Update

New detailed and exact map of the railroad network in Chernarus


5.8.2 - New Community

Welcome Survivalbase.eu


5.8.1 - Apple Trees!

Apple trees are now displayed on the lootmap


5.8.0 - DayZ 0.62

Updated maps for DayZ 0.62 stable release


5.7.0 - DayZ 0.62 Experimental Update

Add a map version for DayZ 0.62 experimental branch


5.6.11 - Easter Eggs!

There's Easter Eggs - literally!'

We've added a Donation page. If you like iZurvive and want to support us in our effort, please consider a donation.'


5.6.10 - Remove UK Alliance

Unfortunately, UK Alliance has shut down, so we've removed them from the communities list. Thanks, and all the best to all of them!'


5.6.9 - ARMA III Abramia

New ARMA III Map Abramia added


5.6.8 - ARMA III Distance Measurement

The running- and sprinting time, calculated by the distance measurement tool, are now correct for ARMA III which has slightly different running / sprinting speed than DayZ


5.6.7 - ARMA III Locations

The Location-Overlay has been enabled for all ARMA III maps


5.6.6 - Wiki Update

The Hunting Scope can not be attached to the repeater

Removed 'DayZ Standalone News' Community since their page does not exist anymore

Added Conan Exiles to the Game Switcher


5.6.5 - New Community

Welcome UWS Gaming Community


5.6.4 - Remove Community

Unfortunately, DayZ Asylum is shutting down.


5.6.3 - New Community

New Community: SurvivalZ


5.6.2 - New Streamer

Added MrBlue and Queenie to streamer section


5.6.1 - Caching Fixes

Fixed some problems with resource caching which could lead to a mixup of loot icons


5.6.0 - Animals & Lootfilter Improvements

Animals added to the lootfilter. Beware: Due to the huge number of animals, the 'Animal' category is off by default in the lootfilter

Lootfilter settings are now saved


5.5.0 - 0.61 Map Update

Map-Update for 0.61 Stable Update


5.4.3 - 0.61 Experimental Update

Map-Update for the 0.61 Experimental Maps


5.4.2 - Bugfixes

Working on Bugfixes to improve iZurvive


5.4.1 - Gameswitcher

Added links to other Ginfo Games for Ark, H1Z1 and Overwatch


5.4.0 - DayZ 0.61

Dayz 0.61 Experimental Maps added

Wolve spawns added


5.3.5 - New Community

New communities: Aftermath DayZRP


5.3.4 - Wiki Fix

Wiki: Magnum now states that it fires .357 rounds correctly.


5.3.3 - Lootmenu Fix

Fix issue where scrolling in the loot menu would hide parts of it


5.3.2 - New Communities

New community: DayZ UK Alliance


5.3.1 - New Communities

New communities: clan-game.fr, The Gents of Novo


5.3.0 - Playstyle Pack Support & CZ61 Skorpion

Added support for the playstyle marker pack

Wiki: Added the CZ61 Skorpion


5.2.0 - Bugfixes & New Community

New ARMA communities section

Wiki: Added the pickaxe

New communities: Black Tie Gaming


5.1.2 - Bugfixes & New Community

A few bugfixes that should help with the "black map" issue.

New communities: DayZilla.RU


5.1.1 - Weapons, New Communities & Bugfixes

Various bugfixes that should help with some browser specific issues

New communities: DayZ4All, DayZAsylum

Wiki: Added Glock19 and FN FAL to the wiki. Thanks for reporting!


5.1.0 - Arma 3 Support

New Arma 3 map: Stratis

New Arma 3 map: Altis

New Arma 3 map: Tanoa


5.0.0 - iZurvive Re-Release

iZurvive was overhauled with a completely new interface, lots of bugfixes and other niceties.


4.1.0 - Origins Map Update

The Taviana Origins map has been updated to the newest version. Citynames and Lootmap for the new areas might not be complete for the new areas though.


4.0.0 - Napf Release

iZurvive now has a map for the DayZ Napf Mod


3.10.3 - Map Update

The maps have been updated, the previously missing names of locations in the north of chernarus are now visible again.


3.10.2 - New Community

Added DayZ RPG community


3.10.1 - New Community

Added DayZ Fire Clan to the iZurvive communities


3.10.0 - New Markers

New Marker Skins


3.9.0 - Lootmap Update

Update Lootmap for DayZ 0.59

New Vehicles: Civilian Sedan, Transit Bus and Offroad Hatchback


3.8.1 - Lootmap Update

Renamed Asesinos a Sueldo to their correct name

iZurvive social links now open in a new tab


3.8.0 - Lootmap Update

'Guardhoude' has now a separate icon

New Loottype 'Crashsites' for dynamic crashsite spawn locations with with 'Helicopter', 'Police Car' and 'Boat' subtypes

New Loottype 'Misc' with player spawn locations


3.7.1 - New Community!

Added Global Gaming community


3.7.0 - DayZ 0.57

Updated maps for DayZ 0.57 release


3.6.0 - DayZ 0.55

Updated maps for DayZ 0.55 release

Added SplitScreenTV community


3.5.1 - Remove deletion restrictions

Removed restriction which limited users' ability to move/delete markers


3.5.0 - DayZ 0.54 update

Updated the map for the DayZ 0.54 release


3.4.0 - Performance update

Increased performance when changing zoom levels

Reduced network traffic when using a large number of groups


3.3.0 - DayZ 0.53 update

Updated the map for the DayZ 0.53 release

Grid Coordinate overlay added to the bottom of the page


3.2.1 - Bugfix release

Note: Map (including loot) is currently valid for DayZ 0.52 and 0.53!

Fixed bug causing back button to completely break

Fixed some minor scrolling bugs

Fixed some zoom animation bugs


3.2.0 - DayZ 0.52 update

Updated map for DayZ 0.52 release

Topographic map now also shows airstrip and airfield concrete


3.1.2 - V3S icon now has an orange background


3.1.1 - vehicles, updated lootmap (0.51) and bugfixes

Added V3S spawns to the lootmap

Streams are now also displayed

Pond icon is now 75% of normal size to reduce icon clustering

Usernames are now stripped of leading and trailing whitespaces when setting a new one


3.1.0 - Colored Group Markers

Markers from different groups are now separated and each marker can only be posted to a single group

Markers from different groups now may have different colors (can be changed by clicking on the name of the group in the Groups menu)

Groups may now be hidden


3.0.4 - map bugfixes

Fixed railroads not in correct place in Chernarus+ map

Chernarus+ map now includes all towns from the game files (even the unfinished cities)


3.0.3 - bugfixes

Fixed Lost in Gaming and DayZ SA Community not showing up in communities section

Fixed bug causing lootmap error when unable to load

Fixed some error reporting bugs


3.0.2 - bugfixes

Fixed bug causing lootmap not to load (will now try 3 times)

Fixed bug causing username warning not to show up


3.0.1 - Updated DayZ Map for 0.50

Updated map files for DayZ 0.50

Topographic map now has a shadow overlay to enhance height visuals


3.0.0 - Loot Icons & Performance

New loot icons for a variety of buildings and points of interest

Each loot icon can now be enabled or disabled separately

This version includes a lot of internal improvements which enhance the overall stability and performance

Enhanced map performance

Enhanced loot display performance

Enhanced performance when changing the loot filter options

Improved caching and cache invalidation

Map tiles are now loading from different endpoints to increase performance

Fixed bug causing wrong group to be removed when leaving

Fixed bug causing citysearch jump to city jumping to wrong coordinates

Combined a lot of images to enhance performance

Removed share dialog


2.9.4 - Updated map for DayZ 0.49 hotfix


2.9.3 - Updated map for DayZ patch 0.49


2.9.2 - Power Lines

Added power lines to the maps.

Updated map for DayZ patch 0.48


2.9.1 - Updated map for DayZ patch 0.46


2.9.0 - updated map


2.8.3 - minor bugfixes


2.8.2 - Bugfixes & Boundaries

Fixed bug that map tiles are not refreshed

Fixed bug that caused city search panning function sometimes not working properly

Map now has boundaries that keep the view inside the map

Added a checkbox to disable further dialogs when username or group is not set. This checkbox will be displayed after the second time it was shown.

Fixed a small jump when chaning map type (topographic/satellite).


2.8.0 - Updated Chernarus+ maps to reflect changes from DayZ Patch 0.42.116181

An image showing the differences between the last update to the stable branch and 0.42.116181 can be seen here: http://i.imgur.com/yKXk5tO.jpg


2.7.1 - Bugfix

Fixed unable to set markers on DayZ Mod maps


2.7.0 - The measurement update

You can now measure distance by pressing the small measurement button on the upper left on your screen.

Loot markers were sometimes not displayed correctly after zooming

Increased performance

Added anchor tags which will allow sharing specific map positions and zoom settings (just copy the current URL)

You can now share direct group join links. These can be gathered by clicking on Groups - Your Group and are seen on the bottom of the dialogue


2.6.1 - Performance Improvements

Massive performance improvements when zooming in and out.

Fixed some bugs occurring in MSIE

Added a description of iZurvive (you can find it in 'about iZurvive')

updated loot data and city names


2.6.0 - updated Chernarus+ maps (Topographic and Satellite)


2.5.1 - fixed a bug occurring when using groups with spaces or special characters in it


2.5.0 - You can now search for cities using the Find button at the top!

You can even use characters that look similar to cyrillic letters to find cities (e.g., Ka6ahnho for Кабанино (Kabanino)

Pressing Enter brings you to the first search result.

Some browsers even support pressing Ctrl+F to directly open the city search dialog.


2.4.12 - Let us all welcome DayZ Overlay to our Community section!


2.4.10 - Increase Timeout

increased timeout value to fix problems with slow connections or overloaded server

fixed joining groups with unicode characters


2.4.8 - some javascript errors have been fixed


2.4.7 - minor UI improvements


2.4.6 - minor UI improvements


2.4.4 - fixed steam browser not displaying map correctly


2.4.3 - fixed browser caching javascript files


2.4.1 - Choo Choo!

Chernarus+ now includes train tracks in topography and satellite view.


2.4.0 - Satellite View

Chernarus+ now includes an advanced Satellite view.

Some navigation fixes when viewing the map with smaller display sizes

Firestations are now categorized as military loot (again).

Added a link to DayZ Intel


2.3.2 - the swimming firestation update.

Ponds are now displayed as a landmark icon.

Firestations have been readded and are now displayed using a small fire extinguisher icon.


2.3.1 - performance improvements.


2.3.0 - The loot update

Farm loot icons added for the barn and the cow shed.

Support loot icons added for super markets, fuel stations and hospitals.

Military loot icons added for barracks, prisons and hangars

New Category: landmark which contains icons for light houses, water towers and churches.

Enhanced the top navbar, especially in regards to smaller browser windows.


2.2.2 - Loot categories for Chernarus+

Loot Categories of Chernarus+ are now displayed correctly.


2.2.1 - bugfixes

The citynames in the Chernarus+ map are now a big larger.

The marker size has been increased slightly.


2.2.0 - DayZ Standalone!

iZurvive now supports the DayZ Standalone and uses its map as the default.


2.1.0 - Origins 1.7.7

The Origins map has been updated to version 1.7.7


2.0.0 - The Map update

New map: Taviana

New map: Origins

New map: Namalsk


1.1.6 - DayZ

Lootmap for DayZ Chernarus now updated with data from DayZ (mostly concerns vehicle spawn points)


1.1.5 - DayZ 1.7.7

Lootmap for DayZ Chernarus now updated with data from DayZ 1.7.7


1.1.0 - Performance improvements.

Huge performance increases when loot icons are activated. Performance now no longer depends on the number of activated icons.

Player markers are now 80% transparent.

Fixed a rare bug causing loot icons not to be displayed on startup.

All loot types are now activated by default.


1.0.0 - First release of the iZurvive Web Version.

initial release.